Saturday, January 23, 2010

wii fit game review

Wii fit plus is fun and you always get a different workout everytime. It has different categories such as  yoga, strengh training ,balance, aerobics, and trining plus.  It weigh you, tracks your bmi, and tells you your wii fit age after some physical tests.  You will need a wii fit board and sometimes wii fit plus comes with it. It cost about 99 dollars. I thinkit's a good buy. Even my mom and dad play it too.


Sharlotte said...

Is Wii fit separate from the Wii or is the wii fit a game you buy for the wii? I don't know much about it. Yoga and balance I know I need.

justis' rules said...

The wii fit is a game for the wii system but the wii board doesn't come with the system so that would be an extra cost.

Sharlotte said...

Oh ok, thanks.